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Beauty Bombshells has moved

April 8, 2010

We’ve moved to a new home! You can keep up to date with all the Bombshell news over at Please go over there now for more up to date bombshell posts!

Recreate a 1940s bombshell look with Vie At Home

March 23, 2010

1940s bombshells, from left: Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth, Linda Darnell, Gene Tierney

We were flicking through the latest Vie At Home catalogue, when we came across a very bombshell 1940s makeover, and of course we’d like to share it with you. If you want to achieve 1940s glamour like Veronica Lake, Gene Tierney, Linda Darnell and Rita Hayworth to name a few, then Vie At Home has all the kit you’ll ever need!

To recreate this gorgeous look, it’s all about a subtle eye, and strong lip. To recreate the eye, use Vie At Home’s Ready To Wear Eyeshadow Collection, in In The Buff (£10, pictured). Follow the shape of your brow with the light, highlighter shade to open the eye and define its shape.

Then shade the lid from lash to the crease of the socket line. Next, blend a contouring shade over two-thirds of the lid, and then create definition and drama with the darkest shade on the outer third of the lid, and along the lower lash line. This excellent kit has the eye marked in the compact, so you can follow exactly how to apply!

Next apply Straight & Narrow Liquid Eyeliner (£7) along the lash line – for a 40s look keep the flick to a minimum.

Finish the eyes with a slick of Dream Lashes (£12, pictured), in black. This mascara has a nude volumising Primer which you apply first to condition and lengthen the lashes, and then the topcoat adds volume and impact.

The model in this picture is wearing Moisture Kiss Lipstick (£11) in Kiss Me Honey – a rich and creamy formula, in a subtle red shade. To finish, add a touch of colour to the apple of the cheeks, with Blushing Beauty (£15, pictured), a palette of petal pink soft shades.

Bombshell 1940s look without breaking the bank!

All products are available from Vie At Home. Visit, or call 0845 300 8022

Picture Perfect

March 23, 2010

This fabulous photo from Vogue, taken in 1939, by P.Horst somehow now looks SO contemporary it could have been shot yesterday. We found it on a site called Nostalgic Collections, a brilliant place for all bombshell fans, vintage lovers and those of us who love to gaze at photos like this. There are plenty more like this over there!

Cellulite on a Bombshell? Not with Nivea….

March 22, 2010

Marilyn, Jane and Nivea!

If we had to wear costumes like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell did in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, we’d be paranoid – mainly about cellulite. Who knows if our bombshells had any, but most women do suffer at some point from the ‘orange-peel’ effect which is basically localised fat in the body.

There are hundreds of products on the market to deal with cellulite. Whether they work or not, we don’t know, and we’re not going to start testing them all on these pages. However, we’d like to bring to your attention another new one, from Nivea. The Goodbye Cellulite 10 Day Serum (£10.75, exclusive to Boots,, from April) has been clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite in just 10 days – less than a fortnight.

The researchers at Nivea analysed the efficacy of 150 ingredients known to metabloise and burn fat, before selecting the powerful combination of Lotus Leaf Extract and L-Carnitine to be used in this product. We can’t guarantee it will give you Marilyn or Jane results, but we’re going to give it a go, and we’ll let you know in 10 days time if we have bombshell legs like these ladies!

Party recovery from Clinique

March 21, 2010

Every bombshell likes to party – as Ava Gardner, the biggest party girl of them all. But late nights, too much alcohol and cigarettes all take their toll on the skin. Alcohol, as we all know, has a dehydrating effect, and as well as making sure we drink lots of water the day after we’ve over-indulged, we should give our skin an extra moisture boots.

Here at BB HQ when we’ve over-indulged – and it does happen from time to time – who could turn down a glass of champagne after all – we like to treat our poor skin with products from Clinique’s Moisture Surge range.

Ava Gardner, out on the town with second husband Artie Shaw, would have loved Clinique's Moisture Surge range

We adore the Extended Thirst Relief Creme Gel (£30,, which gives our skin an instant lift – keep it in the fridge for an even more cooling and relieving experience! And we also like to spritz the Moisture Surge Face Spray (£18) on our skin after a night out.

So the next time you over-indulge and your face feels dry, remember: bombshells love Moisture Surge!

Sisley tortoiseshell compact – a Bombshell’s dream!

March 20, 2010

Sisley's oh-so-Bombshell new compact

We were quite literally giddy with excitement when this amazing new compact from Sisley popped through out letterbox this week!

You have to go out and buy it right now.

The vintage-inspired faux tortoiseshell compact, the new Phyto Poudre Compacte (£55,, is probably the most bombshell-esque beauty item we’ve seen for ages!

We are in love with it at BB HQ and reckon you will be too when you get your hands on one.

We are sure every bombshell worth her salt carried a powder compact with her wherever she went.

Carole Lombard, right, must have had one in that little clutch bag.

However, it does seem that a beautiful compact is something only us retro gals love. With so much makeup to choose from these days, many of us don’t have a favourite compact. Indeed,  many of us don’t even wear powder. But if that’s the case, then you should still invest in this, for the mirror alone.

If you are interested in the powder, it’s absorbing, matifying and ultra-light. It comes in three nude shades – Transparent Matte, Transparent Irisee and Sable.

Each compact is uniquely hand-stencilled and the mirror is panoramic. And remember, don’t hide it away in your handbag, get it out and touch up that lipstick and powder at every opportunity! This compact was made to be seen!

Friday Fashion – Marilyn goes nautical!

March 19, 2010

Here at BB HQ we love a bit of fashion, so every Friday afternoon we’ll bring you a fashion feast – this week we’re saying Hello Sailor, and bringing you the best of the nautical trend that’s in the shops just now. We found this gorgeous picture of a young Norma Jean – that’s Marilyn Monroe before she was famous, sporting a fabulous nautical look  – how contemporary does that image look?

Where to buy:

Clockwise from top left: 1. Red wedge heels, £45,; 2. Anchor print body, £16.99,; 3. Nautical charm bracelet, £15,; 4. Anchor bag, £18,; 5. Ahoy leather necklace, £25,; 6. Be Beau Nautical theme dress, £16,; 7. Anchor earrings, £5.99,; 8. Nautical brooch set, £6, Freedom @; 9. Nautical rosette, £12, Freedom @; 10. Nautical blazer, £24.99,; 11. Anchor necklace, £8,; 12. Nautical bracelets, £10 for set, Freedom @