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Get Her Look – Jean Harlow

December 7, 2009

Jean Harlow, Hollywood’s first Bombshell, and our inspiration, adopted her look – platinum blonde hair, pencilled-on eyebrows and bee-stung lips – when she was just 17, (in 1928) It was so influential that women inundated magazines with letters demanding advice on how to copy it.

Beauty editors of the day advised applying ether to the brows to soothe the pain of plucking away the eyebrows, and to massage warm oil into the head to combat the dryness that was the result of drastic bleaching of the hair.

We wouldn’t advise that these days of course, but you can still achieve Jean’s stunning style with modern-day products.

Jean pointed out to her fans that her look was a high-maintenance one.

“Very few people who admire blonde hair realise that every little speck of dust or grime appears on the surface as clearly as it would on

a white dress or coat,” she said.

Her silvery-looking hair had to be shampooed every night to keep it moisturised and shiny.

It’s still a hard look to work to this day. Modern day Bombshells like Gwen Stefani, and Madonna  try a similar style.

So, what’s in Jean Harlow’s Vanity Case….?

If you want to get Jean’s look, you’ll need three main elements – white blonde hair, bold red lips and good eyebrows.

We wouldn’t suggest you go pencil thin like Jean these days, but do get them professionally shaped. Threading is one of the easiest ways to have this done.

Treat yourself at the Ritz of Brow Bars, Shavata, where they can miraculously shape your eyebrows with two pieces of thread. It will set you back around £24, but it’s worth it. Log on to their site for information on your nearest bar.

Maintain that look with BeneFit’s Instant Brow Pencil (£12.50) – this comes in two shades and has a handy brown brush on one end too.

Use a red lipstick with a slight shine for that bee-stung look. We’d recommend Estee Lauder’s Stay In Place  Double Wear lipstick in Stay Scarlet (£16,

If you have braved the bleach then maintain the silveriest blonde colour you can with a purple tinted shampoo which will tone down any yellowness. We’d recommend Paul Mitchell’s Platinum Blonde, of course!

This fabulous shampoo, £8.30, is available at

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