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Brittany Murphy

December 21, 2009

Like most, we were stunned by the news of Hollywood star Brittany Murphy’s sudden death on Sunday, at the age of just 32.

The star of movies such as Girl, Interrupted, Clueless, 8 Mile and the hilariously funny black comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous, had a quirky beauty and we believe she was most definitely an honorary Bombshell.

Her saucer-like eyes, bold red lips and shiny hair made her look every inch the Hollywood star.

Brittany wanted more than anything to be a star, and moved to LA with her mother, Sharon, who sold up everything in New Jersey to help her daughter fulfil her dream.

Her career was up and down, her private life the same; rumours of drug addiction and eating disorders plagued her. She was nothing if not intriguing, in a typically Bombshell way.

And like all the Bombshells before her, she leaves a celluloid legacy that means she will live on long after her tragic death.

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