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Valley of the (paper) dolls

January 15, 2010

Imagine having your very own Bombshell to dress up in beautiful outfits?

Well, get yourself on to, and you can. This site is simply jam-packed full of fabulous Bombshell paper dolls.

We love the reproduction of the 1942 Rita Hayworth paper doll book, which is one of the site’s best-sellers. The cover illustrations by Norman Mingo showcase her beautiful features and dancing ability, and the inside pages by Clara Ernst are beautifully designed with a wonderful wardrobe of clothes and accessories, beautiful backgrounds and star photos.

Included are costumes from Blood and Sand, You Were Never Lovelier, You’ll Never Get Rich and Strawberry Blonde to name a few.

Or how about sultry Ava Gardner, who was at the peak of international fame and notoriety when this paper doll book was published in 1952. Two dolls and a wardrobe of more than 65 outfits feature in eight pages of eight pages of glamorous clothes for Ava, from movies like The Hucksters, Show Boat, One Touch of Venus and Snows of Kilimanjaro.

Gene Tierney is featured in a reproduction of a 1947 book of two pretty dolls and 25 pieces of clothing on eight digitally restored pages. Or you could go for a collection of 1930s stars incuding the beautiful Carole Lombard, Joan Crawford, and of course, Jean Harlow.

Prices vary from around $6, post and packing varies depending on location, also check out

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