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What Makes a Bombshell?

January 22, 2010

What makes a bombshell? It’s a question that has been hotly debated – over champagne cocktails, natch – here on BB HQ’s penthouse terrace.

To start with, a bombshell has to be glamorous.  Natural beauties and girls-next-door types (especially if cheery songs are their stock-in-trade) need not apply.  Sorry Doris.

Sporty types and tomboys can forget it too:  Katharine Hepburn may be a style icon but she’s far too androgynous to make the bombshell roll call.  And speaking of style icons, you won’t find the other, more ubiquitous, Hepburn (wonderful though she was) on our pages.

Flat chests plus ladylike elegance equals non-bombshell. And future princesses, as Grace Kelly was during her Hollywood heyday, are far too aristocratic for bombshelldom.

Beauty in itself doth not a bombshell make. Some of our favourite bombshells were not conventionally beautiful but they compensated for any shortcomings with make-up, figure-enhancing clothes, and raw sexual magnetism.

Bombshells from Ava to Zsa Zsa were admired by women and lusted after by men. We believe a bombshell has to have that kind of sex appeal. Women want to emulate them; men want to bed them.  It’s that simple.

Of today’s stars and celebs, only a handful qualify as bombshells – chief among them is international burlesque queen Dita Von Teese who is idolised by both sexes and has emerged as a style icon.

She’s the ultimate modern-day bombshell: she’s no great natural beauty (without hair dye and make-up, she’d be quite mousey), but she has studied the great bombshells of the past to master what she calls the art of glamour – and boy has it served her well.

Watch out for our Dita tribute – her glamour tips and her fashion hits coming soon!

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