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Paris Passion – YSL Spring 2010 style

January 25, 2010

“This season the YSL woman represents allure and passion. She is Rue de Faubourg Saint Honoré through and through, an enigma of contrasts: intimate, sensual and decadent. She is forever…Paris”

Just which bombshell are YSL describing we wondered, whilst browsing their Spring 2010 makeup collection? Who else but one time muse, and beautiful French star, Catherine Deneuve, of course.

The late Yves dressed her in many roles, including the famous Belle de Jour, and she exudes class, mixed with sultry sexiness from every pore. A true bombshell indeed!

Whether she wore their cosmetics is another thing, but we’re sure she would approve of this rather cute collection, all modelled around the Y-Mail envelope accessories collection.

The star products come in a little mini cotton version of the purses and bags, and the golden compacts have the address inscribed in them.  The Palette Y-Mail Face Highlighter No1 has a Pearly Finish, and Blush Harmony No2 has a Silky Finish  (both £35).

The Parisian Sky Ombres 5 Lumieres (£27) is our favourite product – gorgeous shades of pink, brown and blue inspired by the French capital’s sky, as the name suggests. As with many of the other Spring collections, pink is a big player this season, and the new Rouge Volupte lipstick in Rose Paris (£20) is lovely.

Stop by later in the week for our Think Pink feature – how can we ignore such a big Spring trend?

The YSL Spring look is on sale now.

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