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Style Focus – Loren’s Lingerie Moments!

January 28, 2010

With a figure like hers, it was no wonder Sophia Loren was more than happy to show it off in her movies. Not in a tasteless way like some of today’s film stars, but subtly, and stunningly.

Whilst exploring the Italian bombshell’s movie archive for her style, we started to see a trend running through it – Sophia in glorious lingerie, with a body we’d all kill for.

In 1963 comedy anthology Ieri, Oggi, Domani (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) Sophia’s character Mara, a high-class prostitute, provides a strip tease for co-star Marcello Mastroianni’s character, peeling off layer after layer of sexy black lingerie. See for yourself in the video below!

In The Millionairess, a comedy with Peter Sellers, set in London, Sophia strips once again, this time discarding a beautiful peach 1960s shift dress to display her impressive physique in a waist-cinching black satin corset. Is it any wonder, that she had to reportedly fend off Sellers’ advances in real-life?. Here’s a clip that might explain…

In 1964’s Matrimonio all’italiana (Marriage, Italian-style), Sophia plays a prostitute and mistress of a businessman who wants to marry his younger lover. Sophia’s character pretends to be  on her deathbed to get her lover back. The film is set in flashbacks of their 20 year affair. The outfit that caught BB’s eyes was this amazing see-through negligee, from the film’s brothel scene. It leaves very little to the imagination.

In Sophia’s first American movie, 1957’s Boy On A Dolphin, her lingerie is swapped for swimwear, towels and wet dresses, once again showing off that bombshell body! If you’ve got it like Sophia, we certainly think you should flaunt it!

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