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Hand in Glove

February 1, 2010

Our bombshells loved a manicure, but there’s no point painting nails on dry, chapped hands, is there? Back in the 1950s, gloves were the order of the day, and bombshells like Jayne Mansfield could keep their hands covered, and protected and be on trend at all times of the year.

They most likely also used a handcream, but imagine how they’d have loved Sisley’s new offering?

Out this month, Sisley’s Confort Extreme  Mains a l’Harpagophytum (£55, is the latest addition to the Confort Extreme range – and contains their celebrated Extract of Harpagophytum, an effective and well-known plant that improves joint flexibility and restores mobility to the movements of the hands, fingers and wrists.

Their original Harpagophytum cream was a wonder cream – this promises to be even better.

As well as this extract, a synergy of other plant extracts combine to nourish, repair and moisturise. A hand cream is a musthave at this time of year. Oh, and a cute pair of gloves…!

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