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The eyebrows have it ….

February 2, 2010

All of our bombshells knew the power of the perfect eyebrow and they would have saved themselves a lot of hassle if they’d been able to get their mitts on this fab new must-have from Clinique.

Available in three shades, Instant Lift for Brows (£12.50, does two jobs. The crayon end is for filling in the eyebrows where there are gaps, and evening out the line. At the other end is a creamy highlighter which is designed to be used on the brow bone, just under the eyebrow.

It may sound too good to be true – but the results speak for themselves. The highlighter transforms beautiful brows into bombshell-worthy ones, that the likes of Carole Lombard and Joan Crawford – both experts at knowing how catching the light could enhance the appearance of their bone structure – would have killed for.

Let’s face it, it might have saved a few hours in the make-up department, and a few buckets of powder! Watch out for our eyebrows guide coming soon….

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