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Bombshells at the Glasgow Film Festival

February 9, 2010

We’re dusting off our diamante, and freshening up our feather boas for this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, which runs from February 18-28.

And why are we so excited? Well, because one of our all-time favourite bombshell movies,  Howard Hawks’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – which stars both Marilyn Monroe (above, right) and Jane Russell (left) – is showing in a brand new print, on Saturday, February 20.

This is the film which features Marilyn’s iconic Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend number – as well as the catchy opener, Two Little Girls From Little Rock (pictured). We’ll have more on the movie when we celebrate Marilyn next week.

Also showing- on Thursday, February 25 – is the ravishing 1950 drama Pandora and the Flying Dutchman which stars Ava Gardner (right) as the woman who may save James Mason’s mysterious, mythic hero from roaming the seven seas for all eternity. He is doomed to do so until he finds a lover willing to die for him..

And as if that isn’t enough, there are a couple of bombshell-spotting opportunities to be found in the Cary Grant retrospective which runs through the festival and comprises ten of the debonair star’s best films.

Cary’s most memorable movies saw him starring opposite such distinctly non-bombshell types as Irene Dunne, Ingrid Bergman, Rosalind Russell and the Hepburns – Katharine and Audrey.

At the film festival, there will be a rare chance to see bombshell Ann Sheridan (left), who starred with Cary in the zany 1949 Howard Hawks comedy I Was A Male War Bride – on Thursday, February 25 and Friday 26. This is the movie in which Cary cross-dresses!

Also worth checking out is an early film in the career of 1940s bombshell Rita Hayworth: Only Angels Have Wings (1939), a ripping Howard Hawks aviation yarn, which is showing on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday 21.

Rita Hayworth (right, with Cary) is so young in the movie that it predates her having the electrolysis which gave her the elegant hairline that everyone remembers, but she is very much the supporting female – playing second fiddle to the lovely Jean Arthur, who plays Cary’s love interest.

We don’t consider the icy Miss Frigidaire Grace Kelly to be a bombshell but she comes closest to bombshell-dom with her performance in the gloriously sexy 1955 Hitchcock thriller To Catch a Thief, showing on Friday, February 25 and Saturday 26. She certainly gets to wear the most fabulous wardrobe of her movie career in it ..

* All the films mentioned are showing at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Tickets for the Glasgow Film Festival can be bought by visiting or phoning 0141 332 6535.

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