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Marilyn’s Ads

February 13, 2010

We’ve all seen Marilyn Monroe in her movies, and on the countless pieces of memorabilia that are available today with the Hollywood legend’s image on them.

Here at BB HQ, in the run up to next weekend’s Glasgow Film Festival showing of ultimate bombshell movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and everyone loves Marilyn, we’re paying homage to the superstar movie star this week with a whole week of posts about her.

Today, enjoy some of her finest moments in advertising – on TV adverts and in print, as she sold us beauty products, and,er, gas for the car…! This clip is from 1950 advert for Union Oil’s “Royal Triton Gasoline” on the West Coast, when Marilyn was breaking into the world of acting, with a co-star named Cynthia…

And her she is, advertising that all-American product – Coca-Cola, in 1953!

Later, when she was a more established star, Marilyn, like many others, advertised beauty products like Tru-Glo ‘liquid makeup’ by Westmore, and New-U Liquid Makeup by Jon Joy Cosmetics….note the similarity between the ads….and the product!

Whether Marilyn actually wore the makeup, we’re not sure -find out more about her skincare and makeup routine here later in the week.

Possibly the most famous product linked with Ms Monroe is Chanel No5…we’ll look at that in more depth later in the week too.

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