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Get Her Look – Jane Russell

February 23, 2010

When you think of gorgeous 1940s and 1950s star Jane Russell, the most obvious aspects of her beauty are possibly not her lips and nails.. But we’ve been studying photos and film footage of the statuesque brunette, and it’s clear that a staple of her sexy style was to wear matching lipstick and nail polish – and to make sure that both were visible in pictures.

Matching your lipstick to your nail colour was all rage in the 1940s. Incredibly, despite coloured nail varnishes being available from the early 1930s, the idea of co-ordinating them with lipstick was only developed in 1939.

The story goes that Revlon founder Charles Revson was dining in an elegant restaurant and was watching as a woman dabbed her mouth with her napkin. He noticed that her nail colour jarred with the  shade of her lipstick and, voila – a new beauty concept was born.

Jane adopted this trend as a key part of her look, and, since she loved all shades of red, would have undoubtedly worn Revlon’s Nail Enamels (£6.29 each,  and lipsticks (£7.29) at some point.

While her friend and co-star Marilyn Monroe preferred to leave her nails bare – she said that she liked to feel as if she had nothing on at all! – Jane has continued to adhere to her matching lips and tips aesthetic, as the picture on the left shows.

Jane was blessed with enviable bone structure but even as she has aged, she has never been photographed looking jowly or with anything less than razor-sharp cheekbones.

We can’t all be blessed with naturally fantastic bone structure but we can help keep saggy skin at bay, a la Jane, by treating ourselves to regular facials which use pressure and massage to help with lymphatic drainage – and to help redefine the face’s contours. Darphin and Guinot are just two of the beauty companies which offer facials which do this.

Of course, you can’t mention Jane without talking about her most famous attributes – the ones which made her a star. The Russell bust was what thrust her into the limelight – and launched the voluptuous figure that was so fashionable in the 1950s. So if you’re going to emulate this particular beauty, then you simply can’t overlook the chest.

We’re not suggesting anything radical here, just paying a bit more attention to this area, whether you decide to focus on the firmness of your breasts or toning up the decolletage – which many women forget to look after, despite being obsessive about facial care. Try Palmer’s Cocoa  Bust Firming Cream (£6.29, or get in line for the new Chanel Body Excellence Lifting and Firming Bust Gel (£49), which launches on March 19.

And if you think you need professional help (and you live in London), get yourself an appointment at The Ark for the Cleavage Skin Response Facial (£75 for 75 minutes) which gives the chest area the attention that you’ve probably been lavishing exclusively on your face for the past however-many years. ..

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