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Bombshell on the Box – double Faye alert!

February 24, 2010

NETWORK, TCM, Wed Feb 24, 9.00pm and Wed Mar 3, 9.00pm and THE TOWERING INFERNO, TCM, Fri Feb 26, 11.30pm

The gorgeous Faye Dunaway twice in one week – lucky us. First up in the Faye-fest is tonight and it’s her Oscar-winning performance in Network, the 1976 satire on the television industry.

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” cried Peter Finch’s frustrated news anchor Howard Beale – he too won an Oscar, posthumously; he died of a heart attack during a promotional tour for the film in January of 1977. Fabulous Faye plays Programming Executive, Diana Christensen, who saw immediately that Beale’s suicide threat, rants and raves were the way forward for TV ratings.

On Friday, you can see  her in one of the original disaster movies, 1974’s The Towering Inferno, which stars both Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. The disaster movie was a popular genre in the 1970s, and many an ageing star took a role in one of them – Ava Gardner in Earthquake, Jennifer Jones in Inferno, and Ernest Borgnine in The Poseidon Adventure, to name a few.

Faye plays Susan, girlfriend of the ‘Tower’ architect Paul Newman. She doesn’t have to do much in this role,  but manages to look stunning on the night of the party in a low-cut diaphanous gown which you can see in the clip below, with William Holden and Robert Wagner, two more big name stars in a fantastic movie.

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