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I Want Candy

February 24, 2010

We’re not sure how our bombshells would have reacted to pastel nail polish and eyeshadow. Ice-cream parlour candy colours may have been de rigueur for clothes, and, well, ice cream parlours, back in our bombshells era – but on your nails, and eyes? Oh, how they’d have laughed.

However, they would have approved of the rest of the new Candy Collection from 17 at Boots we’re sure. And we think it would have gone perfectly with the Goddess costumes that Rita Hayworth and co wore in her 1947 musical comedy, Down To Earth. Rita played Terpsichore, the goddess of song and dance who comes ‘down to earth’ to play the part of herself in a musical when she watches the cast perform it badly at dress rehearsals.

Yes, it’s all a bit silly, but the floating pastel costumes she and the other goddesses wear in the heavens are pastel perfection.

17’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour (£2.99, in five new sugary shades  – Orange Soda, Fairy Cake, Parma Violet, Lemon Sorbet and Mint Choc Chip – would have complemented them to a tee.

The Trio Eyeshadow in Dolly mixture (£4.99) has a cotton candy pink, mellow yellow and a mint green.

The range also offers Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss (£3.49) in Butterfly Cake pink or Peach Melba peach, and Blush & Glow compacts (£3.69)  in Strawberry Swirl and Peaches & Cream, which contain both a wash of colour and a highlighter, allowing you to sculpt perfect cheek bones. Now those Rita might have loved.

*Candy Collection available from today, February 24 at Boots stores and online.

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