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Blonde Bombshell Bonanza

February 26, 2010

We’re thinking of relocating to London for the month of March – preferably as near the BFI Southbank as possible. Why? Because of the Blonde Crazy season of films which is showing there till the 17th.

Not only does this celebration of blondes on the big screen feature some of our favourite bombshells, but it also includes some of our favourite films.

Veronica Lake (left), one of the most cheekily delightful of the 1940s bombshells, will be seen in the stylish 1942 romantic comedy I Married a Witch (March 11 and 14), in which she played a mischievous sorceress who wreaks havoc on the descendent of the man who had her burnt at the stake. Watch out for fellow bombshell Susan Hayward as the spoilt WASP caught in the crossfire, in this forerunner to the classic TV sitcom Bewitched.

The great comedienne Carole Lombard‘s final film, Ernst Lubitsch’s hilarious To Be Or Not To Be (March 7 and 14), is another one to make a date with. The radiant-looking Carole (right) was in the midst of newly-wedded bliss (with Clark Gable) when she played the Polish actress who leads a troupe of actors through the greatest performance of their lives as they try to outsmart the Nazis and help the Resistance movement.

We’re also very excited about the chance to see the original blonde bombshell, Jean Harlow, on the big screen – in the steamy 1932 melodrama Red Dust (March 4 and 6) – and Britain’s greatest bombshell, Diana Dors, in her best film – the gritty 1956 thriller Yield to the Night (March 3, 7 and 11).

In fact, we do believe that this will be the first time we’ve seen some of these bombshells on a big screen. Other screenings we won’t be missing include the salty 1933 comedy I’m No Angel (March 1 and 5), which stars Mae West and Cary Grant (pictured left), and the sparkling 1954 It Should Happen To You, a still-topical satire on our obsession for fame, which stars the lovely Judy Holliday (and the equally lovely Jack Lemmon), who’s pictured below.

Judy – a latterday Lombard if ever there was one – plays Gladys Glover, a ditsy blonde who moves to New York and dreams of becoming a well-known name – which is exactly what happens, after she pays to have her moniker plastered across a billboard on Columbus Circle.

For full programme details on this wonderful season, visit – and watch out for alerts from us over the next few weeks, when we’ll also be showing you how to get the looks of two of the inspirational blondes in the season: Carole Lombard and Brigitte Bardot…

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