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Tried and Tested – Liquid Eyeliners

February 28, 2010

Eyeliner is a staple of the bombshell’s makeup bag. Without it, you’re just not trying.

Liquid eyeliner is the best, and although it can be tricky, practice makes perfect, and we never said this bombshell lark was easy did we?

However, to help you find the best without having to test them all, we asked the lovely Eva Arrighi, Group Fashion Editor of the Herald and Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland, and eyeliner-wearer extraordinaire, to try out a few inky black liners that we just know Brigitte Bardot (left), Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors, and the rest would have wrestled her to the ground for. Over to you Eva….

Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner, £11

It would take a very special eyeliner to drag me away from my eyeliner du jour and this ain’t it. (The good news is that one of my favourites is another offering from Clinique, their Brush On Cream Liner, £13, which really does not budge once you apply it and stays intensely ink black all day.)

I suppose this one has the advantage of being easier to apply on the move and a fine brush, but I wasn’t impressed with its claims to be long-lasting. It smudged far too easily and dried down to an almost ashy grey shade – not really a part of bombshell allure.

MAC Liquidlast Liner, £13.50

If you’re looking for the longest lasting eyeliner out there, stop now – this is the one! When you get over the slightly tacky texture and the fact it takes a few seconds to dry down (so for goodness sake don’t look up too quickly or you’ll have the start of an indestructible Priscilla Presley crease line!) you’ll fall head over heels.

It’s indestructible. In fact you’ll need a very good, preferably oil based eye make-up remover to shift it at the end of the day. The little gold statuette goes to MAC for this fantastic waterproof number. My absolute Oscar winner.

Boots 17 Soft Liner Pen Eye Liner, £3.99

Wow, I thought when I clicked off the lid I’d been sent a bingo pen by mistake. It’s looks like an ink marker but after my initial cynicism I have a grudging respect as it’s surprisingly easy to use.

If you like a fine 1940s style line just above the lash line this isn’t for you,  but if you trowel the stuff on like late 1960s Bardot then the ability to block colour with the side of the pen could come in useful.

Revlon ColourStay Liquid Liner, £7.99

This little pot has one of those brilliant felt/sponge tips as opposed to a brush which tends to splay stray hairs after a while so you get a very accurate controlled line. If you’re a novice with eyeliner this is the one I’d probably recommend. It’s a firm favourite with lots of bombshell-friends, but not for me.

Let’s just say if you’re lined up to watch Ann-Margret in Who Will Love My Children I’d give this a wide berth! Shame, cos I love Revlon lips and nails.

Chanel Professional Duo Eyeliner, £29

This isn’t just an eyeliner, this is eyeliner as ceremony and nostalgia. If you were as transfixed as I was by the scene in A Single Man where Julianne Moore is applying her eyeliner in the mirror then this is probably the kind of product Tom Ford would seek out to use.

The sleek little compact contains two finishes; one matte, one molten. Mix them with a drop of water for a clean graphic line and you can play to your heart’s content  to achieve the finish you desire.

Deeply, deeply glamorous I could imagine this in the hands of many an old Hollywood bombshell.  Should probably also win an Oscar but alas that award has already been given out. Definitely nominated.

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