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Enjoy the Oscars with a cup of tea!

March 3, 2010

The Oscars are on pretty late on this side of the pond this Sunday night – the awards won’t start until after midnight here – so we’re sure, that most of you, like us here at BBHQ, will be watching them from the sofa, probably in our nightwear, possibly under the duvet, and most definitely with a cup of tea in hand. But that doesn’t mean we have to let bombshell standards slip completely, oh no.

Veronica and Sophia mug set, £13.99,

Because we’ve found the most beautiful mugs to drink our tea from at a fantastic site called Crumpet & Skirt. It belongs to Elizabeth Pinnock and sells a fantastic range of products all carrying her cute 1950s pin-up designs. Her Peek-a-Boo mugs are virginal white bone china on the outside,and inside…a rather alluring ‘Tease Maid’!

Veronica Tea towel, £6.49,

We love the Veronica and Sophia mug  set (£13.99) –

named after Veronica Lake and Sophia Loren we think – two of our favourite bombshells.

As well as the fabulous mugs, Elizabeth sells tea towels, cards and wrapping paper.

For more information and to buy, have a peek (geddit, sorry) at

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