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Surgery? Not with Creme de la Mer

March 4, 2010

There will be plenty of stars turning up to this year’s Oscars ceremony on Sunday night with a fresh injection of Botox in their forehead, or a few recent fillers in their face. But many of them will have probably also lathered on expensive anti-ageing products like this latest one from Creme de la Mer. It took Dr Max Huber, who invented the original Creme, 12 years and 6000 experiments to get his ‘Miracle Broth’ right. So, there must be something in it.

And we at BB HQ are sure our bombshells , like two-time Oscar nominee Natalie Wood, below, would have loved some of this on their dressing table.

The Regenerating Serum costs, whisper it, £210 for 30ml. (

You only need a tiny amount – several small drops to be precise –  dispensed with the rubber-topped stopper and ‘swept’ over the face morning and night if you wish.

This new serum has taken the scientists at the Max Huber Research labs four years and hundreds of hours to perfect. it does, of course contain the Trademarked Miracle Broth, and also the new Regenerating Ferment, which is derived from marine plant stem cells.

It helps skin support its own natural production of collagen, elastin and other ‘youth proteins’. Rumours that it has sold out completely in the Hollywood area this week are as yet unfounded!

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