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Bombshell Oscar winners and nominees….

March 7, 2010

Tonight Hollywood hosts the 82nd Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in the heart of LA. But we at BB HQ are all about the past – so let’s take a trip back in time, to Oscars from the 1930s onwards, and the winning and nominated bombshells.

We had a lot of help collating this information from the most fabulous Oscar site – – check it out for amazing Oscar facts and fun!

Bette Davis, who has been our Bombshell of the Week, is of course weighed down with nominations and wins  – ten of the former, and two of the latter. Bette’s first win was her first nomination, in 1932, for Best Actress for Dangerous. She was then nominated and won again for Best Actress for Jezebel in 1939.

Her eight nominations that followed were –  all for Best Actress –  for Dark Victory (1940); The Letter (1941); The Little Foxes (1942); Now, Voyager (1943); Mr Skeffington (1945), All About Eve (1951); The Star (1953); What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1963).

Main pic - Bette Davis. Inset, from top to bottom - Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh

Elizabeth Taylor had been nominated three times already – in 1958, 1959 and 1960, for Raintree County, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly, Last Summer respectively, when she won at the fourth attempt in 1961 for Butterfield 8 – although she has claimed it was a sympathy Oscar due to it coming just months after her near-fatal battle with pneumonia. She has apparently said that her tracheotomy won the Oscar, not her.  Ms Taylor was nominated again in 1967 for her role in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe

Beautiful Vivien Leigh won her first Oscar in 1940, beating off Bette Davis – perhaps unsurprisingly as it was for her role as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind. Ms Leigh won again in 1952 – her second Best Actress Oscar, for A Streetcar Named Desire.

Joan Crawford won in 1946, for Mildred Pierce, but accepted the Oscar in bed at home. Many say she feigned the severity of her illness because she was too terrified of being there and losing! Gene Tierney did attend that year, and lost gracefully – her nomination for her role in the Technicolor film noir, Leave Her To Heaven.

Gorgeous Italian bombshell Sophia Loren has two Oscar nominations to her name – the first for Two Women, in 1962, when she beat off fellow bombshell Natalie Wood, who was nominated for her role in Splendor in the Grass to win the Best Actress award. The second was  in 1965 for Marriage, Italian Style.

Back in the 1930s, Marlene Dietrich was Oscar nominated for her role in Morocco – no mean feat, considering she spoke little English and learned her lines phonetically!

Carole Lombard was nominated for My Man Godfrey in 1937, but lost to Luise Rainer for The Great Ziegfeld. Many critics and historians over the years have said that Carole deserved to win, and that Louis B. Mayer put pressure on his peers to back up Luise Rainer.

Whatever the truth is, we all know that Oscar night is full of glamour, beauty, fun, misery and intrigue. Which is why we love it so!

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