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Hydrationist – create a bombshell complexion

March 10, 2010

Many things contribute to dry skin – central heating, cold weather, dehydration and smoking.

You hardly ever saw Bette Davis (below) without a cigarette in her hand – and Ava Gardner, the original party girl, loved nothing more than a puff on a fag, and a glass of something alcoholic. Both bound to dry out and age the skin.

Dehydrated skin is more prone to signs of premature ageing – and no bombshell wants that, do we?

So, we’re eternally grateful to Estee Lauder for bringing out a new moisturiser, Hydrationist (£32, that nourishes dry skin and gives it the hydration it needs – hence the name.

This clever cream contains Lauder’s exclusive Sustainable Moisture Complex, and Bio-Mimetic Water, which is structured so it is able to easily assimilate into skin for an immediate burst of hydration that reaches where skin needs it most.

The best bit about Hydrationist is that it is not only for dehydrated dry skins; it provides moisture – where needed – to other skin types. It comes in three forms; Creme for Dry Skin, Creme for Normal/Combination Skin and Lotion for Normal/Combination Skin.

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