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Party recovery from Clinique

March 21, 2010

Every bombshell likes to party – as Ava Gardner, the biggest party girl of them all. But late nights, too much alcohol and cigarettes all take their toll on the skin. Alcohol, as we all know, has a dehydrating effect, and as well as making sure we drink lots of water the day after we’ve over-indulged, we should give our skin an extra moisture boots.

Here at BB HQ when we’ve over-indulged – and it does happen from time to time – who could turn down a glass of champagne after all – we like to treat our poor skin with products from Clinique’s Moisture Surge range.

Ava Gardner, out on the town with second husband Artie Shaw, would have loved Clinique's Moisture Surge range

We adore the Extended Thirst Relief Creme Gel (£30,, which gives our skin an instant lift – keep it in the fridge for an even more cooling and relieving experience! And we also like to spritz the Moisture Surge Face Spray (£18) on our skin after a night out.

So the next time you over-indulge and your face feels dry, remember: bombshells love Moisture Surge!

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