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The Bombshells

Marilyn - not the only bombshell in town...

Every decade Hollywood has given us some true ‘bombshells’.

Marilyn Monroe may be the first name that springs to mind in most people, but one woman doesn’t tell the whole story, far from it.

From the 1930s, right up to the 1970s, Hollywood was the home of the ‘bombshell’  – that alluring, sometimes tragic, always sexy, and gloriously glamorous star who had audiences in rapture when she graced the silver screen.

The very first, Jean Harlow;  the exotic Hedy Lamarr; the beautiful, funny Carole Lombard; the feisty Ava Gardner; the gorgeous, yet tragic, Linda Darnell; the stunning redhead Rita Hayworth; the sultry Faye Dunaway…the list is endless.

Bombshells are our business, and we’ll be  profiling the very best on these pages  very soon – you’ll be able to get lost in the real-life stories that were sometimes better than any Hollywood script…

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